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Number To Vote For: 3
Completed Precincts: 30 of 30
  Vote Count Percentage
* JOSE VERGARA 8,780 27.0%
* SCOTT GOLDMAN 8,376 25.7%
* MARK MONIN 7,799 24.0%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any          














As chair of the Engineering & Operations and Finance committees, I have lead the El Toro Water District towards the following accomplishments:  

1)  Built Recycled Water Plant and Phase I of Distribution System to produce and deliver irrigation water.  Project was completed in 2014, one year ahead of schedule and under the estimated total project costs.

2) Approved the design, environmental documentation and funding efforts for Phase II of the Recycled Water Distribution System to expand service.  Construction will be authorized as soon as we receive the State Grant and/or State Revolving Fund loan.  We anticipate bidding construction in the fall with construction commencing in early 2017.

3)  Project earned the “Recycled Water Agency” of the Year in the Small Agency Category from the WateReuse Association.

4) The District received the Public Communications Achievement Award from the American Water Works Association for an excellent campaign in informing the customers about the benefits of water use efficiency.

5) Building the Baker Treatment Plant with neighboring agencies to produce potable water and improve potable water treatment reliability.  The Baker Plant will provide potable water in case an earthquake affects the delivery of water from Metropolitan’s Diemer Plant in Yorba Linda.(UPDATE: The Baker WTP was completed and inaugurated on Oct. 25/16)

6) Developed transparent process to set affordable and fair water rates in compliance with all applicable constitutional and statutory requirements.

7)  El Toro Water District was recognized as a District of Distinction by the Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF) in 2007, 2009, 2012, and in 2014 and 2016.  The Foundation recognizes the commitment to good governance and ethical and sound operating practices of the District.  This distinction is offered every two years to those qualifying districts.

8) El Toro Water District received the District Transparency Certificate of Excellence from the Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF) for the second year, 2013 and 2015.  The certificate recognizes the completion of transparency program requirements designed to promote transparency in their operations and governance to the public.  This certificate is offered every two years to those qualifying districts.

9) Procured grants for $4.6 million from the State for the Recycled Water Project.

10) Procured grants for $900,000 from the Metropolitan Water District for on-site retrofits.

11) Procured $26.7 million in low-interest loans from the State for the recycled water project.







I have served on the El Toro Water District Board of Directors since being elected in 2012.  As a Director, I have served as the Board Treasurer and as the Chairman of the Engineering & Operations and Finance & Insurance committees.  I believe that fiscal responsibility and transparency are my fiduciary responsibility to the community.

My educational accomplishments include a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering-Water Resources from Loyola Marymount University, a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.  I also have graduate studies in groundwater development and a degree in military Logistics. 

I have worked for Metropolitan Water District as a Water Resource Management Engineer for the last 25 years.  As a water resources management professional I have been instrumental in assisting many water agencies in Southern California to develop recycled water and groundwater recovery projects and demand management programs to better respond to the persistent droughts that affect California.

Addressing water supply reliability issues so that water is always available for communities has been of particularly importance to me.  This dedication has paid off when making decisions with regards to appropriate water reliability investments in EL Toro Water District.   I have been a proponent of engaging with neighboring agencies to partner and collaborate to achieve improved services and economies of scale. 

I am actively involved with the Orange County water community serving as the Vice-chair of the Water Advisory Committee of Orange County (WACO), the policy body of Orange County. I am an engaged member of the Association of the California Water Agencies (ACWA), WateReuse Association, California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA), the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the South Orange County Economic Coalition.

I have raised a family and resided in the City of Lake Forest for 30 years with my wife Pilar, a master gardener and landscape designer.  Our daughter Melissa is conducting graduate studies at CSUF, and our son, Jose David, is an officer and pilot in the US Air Force.   I have been active in the Lake Forest Kiwanis Club, Newport-Balboa Rotary Club, El Bekal Shriners Club, Orange Gove Lodge and was a past president of the California Society of Professional Engineers in Orange County.

I thank the customers of El Toro Water District for their vote of confidence when electing me, and I pledge to continue working as of today to ensure a reliable water service at an affordable price.  I respectfully ask for your vote to re-elect Jose Vergara to El Toro Water District Board of Directors.

Thank you,

Jose Vergara, P.E. 

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